Finding Love in South Pasadena

My newest adventure in small press promotion? A poetry reading in South Pasadena.

(The Venue)

The poetry reading part isn't new. I've been doing that for years, but I've never been in South Pasadena before.

The Fremont Theater was great and Nuvein run by Chris Trevilla is an amazing organization. Some of the people who signed up for the open mic including Suzanne Lummis, Kimberly Cobian, Daniel Cuesta, Charlotte San Juan, Natalie Morales, and Alexander Vogel are frequent features other places, so it was a little intimidating to be the feature.

              (Here is Chris Trevilla)

There were many more than this. These were just the people who are my friends.

Still, I'm the world's biggest extrovert, so I'm not going to pretend I didn't love it.

What else did I love? Great friends in the audience -- Pam Arterburn (one of the best and most inspirational professsors in the world), Michaelsun Knapp, Geoffrey Greer, Laura Henneforth, Samantha Johnson, and Lloyd Aquino (a frequent writing and organizational partner of mine).

Also, I loved the food in their little foodery.

(Food in the foodery)

Also, I loved the fact that it was an actual theater. They let me sit backstage in the dressing room so I could live out some acting fantasies that I'd never fulfill otherwise.

Also, I loved that Mike the Poet hosted. Energy, energy, energy.

Also, I loved that Don Kingfisher Campbell was my co-feature and tore it up Kingfisher style.

I'm just learning how to do the computer-based promotion of my books, but I love and meeting people and being a part of this great community of poets and writers. This part of the promotion I've always loved.

Say what you like about Los Angeles. Our little subculture is amazing.

By the way, here is one of the poems I read: "Lightning Storm." I hope you enjoy.