My friend Gerry Locklin has published 155 books and chapbooks and has a great work ethic. Here's his poem on being discovered by publishers. By the way, "Toad" is his alterego. Brilliant.

How to Be Prolific (Or Not)
Gerald Locklin

Drive by the faculty parking lot
Of the Humanities Office Building
A few nights of the week
At 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.,

Or at any hour
On many Saturdays or Sundays
Or “Holidays,”

And you may find Toad’s
Little White Ford Focus
Is the only one remaining
In the Faculty (or Emeritus)

Otherwise, have fun with your family
Or on your own
Instead of Writing, Typing, Submitting
Manuscripts, and corresponding with
Editors, Publishers, Reviewers, Interviewers,
And Directors of Poetry Reading Series,

And grow old wondering
When you’re going to be