Splitting My Time

So, I've been developing my skills on blogging and online networking thanks to the help of Sunny Frazier (her website is an incredibly help by the way), Marta Chausee, and those of you who have been kind enough to comment on my blog while at the same time developing some of my other publishing avenues. So I'm going to summarize this Doogie Howser style: What have I learned and what have I done?

1. I've stopped being frustrated at how slowly I'm learning the computer stuff. I'm progressing quickly, faster than when I first started publishing and I had to figure out all of that stuff by myself. I've been developing a bunch of sites online and trying to build those I have. I like the blogs, but gaining friends is a little cumbersome. That's all right. It'll get easier as I go. I added myself on a few sites:

Amazon's Author Central, but I find that really difficult to navigate. Still I have my books up there and a profile.

Good Reads

Book Blog I had this before, but I've been trying to build.

WalnutPatch, the local online newspaper.

That's all right for a couple days work online, but I need to comment more and really be involved in people's books.

The comment about using a timer is genius. It's clicking away right now.

2. I had a meeting about editing a book. I met one of the great poetry publishers and was knocked out to be there. Many teachers will be involved with that. If I can get teachers interested in me, they can use my books in their classrooms. That's good promotion! I can't reveal the title or information about the book yet. More later.

3. I also went back to my strengths. I got a group of students and help to teach them how to publish stories and poems. While they were sending theirs out, I sent out mine. Every publication is promotion after all. Also, I just like knowing people are reading my stories and poems. Tomorrow I'll be doing the same and more people should be there as well.

4. I took a couple of meetings on the SGV Literary Festival. This is a literary festival we'll be hosting in February next year off to the East of Los Angeles. I've been wanting to involve more and more people, but there is so much paperwork on so many levels that I haven't gotten to that point yet. Soon though, authors and publishers will start to be invited. Check out our blog by the way.

Okay so in general what did I learn? I need to keep playing to my strengths but to develop the online presence even more. It's not difficult. It's just leg work!