Making Contacts

Everyone who knows me personally knows about the upcoming San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival. Please, check out our website (after you finish reading this post). For those of you who don't know, we're going to host a 3 day book festival in West Covina this February.

Where is West Covina, you may ask.

That question is why we're having it in West Covina.

West Covina is just East of Los Angeles (also the name of my first full length poetry book) on the ten freeway.

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Who's going to be there, you might ask.

Well, as many poets, writers, graphic novelists, childrens authors, and publishers as we can fit in, but most especially mystery writers. As far as I'm concerned anyway. The other organizers have their own loves.

I went to a meeting with representatives of West Covina today, and they all asked me if I was going to bring in mystery writers. Seeing this as a moment of shameless self-promotion, I said "yes," and "a lot of them," and also, "I'm a mystery writer with a book coming out."

It turns out that a couple of them were a part of book clubs. Let me at em. I will promote my book to any club that will have me. I'll go from here to Singapore on a catamaran.

It goes beyond trying to make sales. I'm a writer, and these are people who love books. I'd talk to people like that all day long.

Anyway, to promote my books and the festival, it looks like I'm going to be teaching a monthly seminar on mystery novels in the West Covina library.

But where is West Covina, you ask, seriously? I've never heard of it.

That's why we need a festival. It's one of the largest cities in the Los Angeles area and writers have to leave it to get their literary fix, to meet a mystery novelist, to hear a 78 year old in a black mock turtle neck and a beret muttering his Kerouac-style poetry into a squeaky microphone. Let's bring that old hipster codger here.

Where is West Covina? -- Right next to Covina -- off to the west of it.

Okay fine, take the 10 past the 605 and exit on Sunset.

I got some shots of the city hall too. That's where we're having the festival: check them out and then go to

By the way, my mystery writing friends who read this blog -- you'll be invited to our party soon. I hope you come.