Networking in High Gear

I've been going to a reading a day, featuring in some, watching others, networking like crazy for about 6 weeks now. Of course, I was going to readings before that, but the last six weeks has been one or two a day.

All of this is in part in support of future promotion of my books. (More about that at the end).

Friday and Saturday were exceptional in a lot of ways.

Friday I helped to host Poetrypalooza's stop in Covina at The Thematic Attic.

The place is decorated like Disneyland on the inside, all kinds of zones of interest. Jungle over here, pirates over there, and it was fun to wander the store.

Better were the people who were there and read. Here's a quick list in case you missed:

Kimberley Cobian -- she's the founder of Zyzzyx Writers Group and she's the genius behind Poetrypalooza, which has readings all over Los Angeles in the month of August. What a great poet and organizer. I'd take my hat off to her, but it's holding down what's left of my hair.

That's Kimberly in the background. In the foreground is Andrea Montoya who also read.

Also up were Scott Creley, Elder Zamora, Rick Stepp-Bolling, Nicola San Juan (the only person who read a children's poem even though it was a children's book store. The rest of us didn't have children's poems.), Maria Arana, Lalo Kikiriki, Chris Trevilla, Andrew Turner, Marta Chausee, Lloyd Aquino, Ken Lieu, Michelld Dougherty, Natalie Morales, Alexander Vogel, and Michael Torres (who brought it as he always brings it).

They brought fans, they brought friends. It lasted for four straight hours.

I love poetry, but that's a marathon. If it hadn't been a great group, we never would have survived, but there was energy, energy, energy. And we were beyond capacity.

From there, I was of to Long Beach. For those of you not from the LA area, that's a good 35 miles away through traffic. Gah!

But it was well worth it. Sarah Miller hosts a reading in an art studio and we were surrounded by paintings as we listened to Clifton Snider read from his new book, Moonman from World Parade Books.

Product Details

Was there ever a point in your life when you enjoyed a poem? If the answer is yes, read his book. He is one of the best poets I've known in real life. And if you don't like poetry because it's esoteric and downright weird, read his book. It's accessible and powerful. You'll love it.

Sunday I was off to downtown LA where I read at a photography show featuring the work of Lisa and Jeremy Height.

So, what does this have to do with promoting mystery novels? Everything.

I've been following some email advice from Sunny Frazier and making personal connection everywhere I go. There's nothing talking to people to get that contact. And I've been writing people notes as well. I can't think of a better way than actually meeting people and talking and writing to them. Blogs are great too, but this part is so much fun.