Alternative Promotion

My theory is that everything we do promotes everything else. My teaching sells books. My poetry sells mystery. My mystery sells poetry and on and on.

I had a really interesting week. Daniel Cuesta, one of my former students and current friends, has been making broadsides for my poetry, which I now sell to help support one of my other projects, The San Gabriel Valley Literary Festival (, check it out!). He made a broadside of one of my poems, "In the Imperial War Museum, February 2, 1991" a while ago. It's a sonnet poem about when my wife and I started dating.

I'm really luck to have such a talented artist doing this for me. Now Daniel has done a print for another poem. This one is about driving in L.A. and the importance of swearing while you're doing it, "The Art of Merging."

If you're wondering, this poem is NOT autobiographical. Although I do swear on the freeway. All rational people do.

I'll be selling these to help fund the festival as well, but it's not a completely selfless act by me and I hope not for Daniel either. As we sell this work and promote it, that's a moment to talk about my suspense novel (Mann of War coming out in January from Oak Tree Press). 

I've been doing all sorts of things like this to promote the book. The new idea, a business card that says "Murder is easy" on one side and gives the details of the book on the other. If I leave these around everywhere with the "Murder is easy" slogan facing up, I think people will look at the book information on the other side.

So what do you think? What are your best alternative marketing tools for your books?

By the way, thank you Daniel, I've never been so honored!