Figuring out Youtube

I think I have a handle on how to use youtube.

I have a sense at least.

Job number one was finding someone to help me out. It turns out that David Falkinburg, my friend and former student and one of the many people Sunny Frazier calls "the wonder boys," has a genius for film making. He put this teaser together and he's putting together the trailer for my book coming out in January. I cannot believe how good a trailer he's come up with. I'm floored really. Don't worry, I paid him for his efforts, and I think he could get a business going. This is just something he put together without me asking. The actual trailer is a work of genius.

The good thing is that youtube can be an incredible tool for anyone who wants to use it well. After a while, videos take on a life of their own and people you've never contacted or met begin to watch it and it spreads.

The difficulty is getting that first group of people to watch it. Here's what I think is my best method.

1. Promoting myself like crazy on facebook. I have hundreds of friends, and I hope they're willing to resend my images and get the word out so people can see my videos.

2. Gaining friends and followers on youtube itself. As I understand it, that's about the same method of gaining twitter followers and facebook friends. I have an account, and I'm willing to use it!

3. Getting the help of my legions of friends and students. I do have a lot of good friends, and I'm grateful to all of them. If I can get them to repost the video and get their friends to repost the video, then that will be something.

The thing is that I think youtube is probably the best tool for getting our names out there and getting people interested in our books. I'm a personable enough guy, but there's no way I can reach people on Trinidad. However, I bet there are people sitting behind a computer screen in Trinidad looking for something interesting online.

So here are two questions for my semi-weekly blog.

1. Would you please repost my teaser trailer on your twitter and facebook accounts?

2. What am I missing about youtube? What else should I be doing to promote myself on that medium?