On the Radio


One of the first things that was alluring about the woman who would become my wife was that she had been a DJ on college radio. I met her when I was twenty and out on my own for the first time in my life. I was living in central London, meeting all sorts of interesting people at the time, but she was the most interesting.

(This is Ann today. The shorter one is my dog, Archie.)

Photo: John is a part of art.
(This is me today.)

Like me, she was an ex-patriot who was out for culture. She was an artist and seemed to have an endless knowledge of literature, painting and sculpture. Most excitingly, she'd been a DJ on college radio back in her USC days and had interviewed musical legends such as Marc Almond (of Soft Cell) and Mike Score (of Flock of Seagulls).

And she'd been on the freaking radio!

There was a cache to being on the radio, and there still is.

In my quest to sell my small press books, I've been lucky enough to get an interview with Krista Kedrick on A Novel Idea live at 2pm on Sunday October 7th.

It's a necessary and important part of the promotion process, and I need to do more of it. How else can you reach out and give your readers the feeling of who you are? How else can you reach so many people?

Well, actually there are other ways, but this is the freaking radio -- the home of Edward R. Murrow, Enrico Caruso, Cole Porter, and David Lee Roth. This is where authors go when they grow up.

 (From Diamond Dave's Wikipedia page)

So the pressures on, but I'm not nervous about it. I'm just excited. I've actually been on the radio a couple of times, but never like this, never indulging in the narcissistic pleasures of a single author interview for a half hour.

The game plan for the radio from now on: I'm going to target as many shows as possible and try to spread the word. Maybe next year, when things lighten up a bit, I'll think about pitching my own show. I've emailed a company about that. I could leave blogging forever and talk to people.

The only problem with both of these plans is that when I hear my voice, it kills the delusion I have that I have a rich baritone that's reminds people of James Earl Jones in an advertisement for molasses.

Anyway, please tune in and ask questions or make comments. It should be fun.

Here's a question to all my blog readers. Do you think it would make sense for me to drop the blog and do an internet radio show instead?