Mann, I'm Having Fun

I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with the early promotion of my book.

Sunny Frazier got me going, told me to have a good time with promotion, and I've followed that directive religiously.

It makes sense of course. I've never been able to do my various jobs well when I haven't enjoyed them. I don't think anyone can. And the careers I have now, teaching and writing, are a joy.

Anyway, I've tried to make promotion a creative act, and in the last year of studying this, I think this was the best advice I have gotten. When joy permeates what I'm doing, people react. When frustration does, people react to that too.

This last week has been the most fun of all. I got together with several of my students/friends, and we filmed a trailer for my upcoming novel, Mann of War. I haven't see the final product yet, but I can't wait.

I am so grateful for all the people who let me kill them on screen especially Elder Zamora, who lay on the ground with dirt and flowers on his head in the halls of Cal Poly, Pomona as professors stared quizzically at him. Does that whet your appetite for the film?

Who else am I grateful to? David Falkinburg, Hanna Phipps, Ann Brantingham (does this go without saying? It shouldn't. In a life of gratitude, I am most grateful to her), Daniel Cuesta, and Charlotte San Juan. All were willing to die publicly for my art or willing to be bystanders.

Anyway, here is an interview with two of them. It's the first of my sock puppet interviews. Watch and enjoy! They're interesting artists and people in general. By the way, want to be shocked? David, the published writer and director of the film is only 22 years old. Can you imagine the possibilities in front of a talent who is so young?

So what is a sock puppet interview? My sock puppet, Sockk of War, interviews creative people about things they do well.