Here's the trailer for my new book!

Hi, my short story collection, Let Us All Pray Now to Our Own Strange Gods is out NOW!

Check it out!

Let Us All Pray Now to Our Own Strange Gods follows Harrison on his philosophical ramblings through the natural world of California and the strange land of divorce. His child has delusions of epic religious grandeur, and his ex has hooked up with his best friend. The world seems to be crashing down all around him and the only place of peace for Harrison is the natural world.

"Our best writers weigh their words carefully, and John Brantingham is certainly one of them. He is a craftsman with a huge heart who cares deeply about people and stories and the chaos we call our lives. His characters are beautifully rendered, real and true, at once vulnerable and courageous. Wise and insightful, Brantingham's work brilliantly captures the light and darkness in us all." James Brown, Author of The Los Angeles Diaries and This River.