Two Minute Book Review --Victor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning

Most of you have read this book, no doubt. This is my fifth or sixth reading of it, but it gains meaning each time I read it.

It's the autobiography of a psychologist who lived through the most difficult parts of the holocaust -- lived through the concentration camps --  and his discussion of how one can find purpose even in that place with that kind of suffering. What he ends up with is that man's search for meaning creates meaning and that we can achieve that meaning by creative work, love, or suffering. One should never seek suffering, but if it comes, it can bring purpose.

I reread this book to use in a class next year, but I gained more out of it than I ever have before. I have not suffered greatly, but that's not the sole purpose of the book. The purpose of it is to show how we can all find meaning in our lives. A beautiful book. Don't wait until you're down to read it. I didn't. But if you are feeling despair, it can save you.