2 Minute Book Review -- Ara Shirinyan's Syria Is in the World

I rolled out of bed and my eyeball landed on this title almost immediately this morning. Given world events, I thought it was proper. Shririnyan is an intensely interesting poet. His mission is to do found poetry about the world, but everything seems to come back to the Middle East. This was his first collection, and I've read it several times, each time getting something new. It's a bit like staring at a collage for a long time and realizing that the more you look, the more you get from the connections and ideas. In any case, it's a challenging kind of book and I enjoy it's scatological approach to understanding how each country sees itself and the idea of sovereignty and nationhood. You have to be in the right mood and frame of mind, but it's a great read if you like post-modern poetry. I do.