2 Minute Review -- Pat Barker's Toby's Room

I've let this drop off in the last week. Sorry everyone. I've been busy with everything that comes with the first week of class. But I'm back now and ready to jump back into the blog. The first bit is a new review. I've been reading a little every day. Not as much as I like, but a little.

Pat Barker can really do no wrong. I think soon, I'm going to just go through her whole library. Once again, we have a complex novel about WWI and the lives of the artists that were nearly destroyed by it and those who lost their lives in it. This time it's visual artists -- painters -- who we follow including the real life Henry Tonks who eventually painted the faces of the men with head wounds. His work is powerful and painful, and Barker's is as well. Check out his paintings but be ready for the pain he's channeling. This book is incredible. Read it.