2 Minute Book Review

All right. Well, I'm back. I've been away from writing for a while. I've read like crazy over the semester but couldn't get to the computer enough to post reviews. Anyway, I wanted to get back on it. I'm reading in my sloppy, unfocused way, but who said it should be regimented, after all.

Anyway, I got to Tobias Wolff's The Night in Question. I've read a lot of Wolff's work. This was a short story collection, and I thought I wasn't familiar with any of these things. I picked it up after having much to drink one night at Sean's Gatsby Books, which is a great bookstore in Long Beach. Given my drunken state, it was almost at random.

Strange, I got halfway through it and realized that I'd read a lot of these stories in journals over the years including his incredibly powerful "Bullet in the Brain." You don't think that one's going to be powerful, but it does all kinds of thing to your brainpan, and come to think of it, the character's as well. Anyway, I've read many of these over the last 20 years or so. And actually, I read one of these when I was 15, so that's longer than 20 years. All of them had stuck themselves into my being, and I remembered not only their plots and character, but what I'd been feeling as I read them all those years ago.

Tobias Wolff can slap together one hell of a story.