2 Minute Review

Gerald Locklin's Deep Meanings: Selected Poems 2008-2013

Okay, full disclosure, Gerry's an old friend and my former professor. In a lot of ways he taught me to write, so I am biased towards him. And so maybe it's no surprise that I love this book as I have loved all of his work. There was a time when I thought I'd maybe do a Ph.D. dissertation on him until I got smart and realized that I didn't want the Ph.D. Still, he would have made a great dissertation.

And what about this book? If you know his work, then you will know the kind of personal poetry he often writes and writes well. Here, he does that. We get poems about his adulthood and childhood and love life. He also does a number of poems about paintings. He is a master of that, with a broad understanding of 20th century art -- and art beyond that too. My favorite section is a long discussion of a number of Edward Hopper pieces. Like so many Americans, I have a great love of Hopper, and so -- it seems --  does Gerry. He also has a great knowledge of the towering genius and develops a keen awareness of his work relating it at times to his own life.

If you like good, honest Long Beach poetry. Read it.