2 Minute Book Review

I've fallen behind my blog post, and I read one book that I didn't like, so I'm going to catch up here. Two books that I did enjoy. Also, sat in the library and read a bunch of books by Degas, but for the life of me I can't remember titles. Read about Degas though. Interesting cat.

Meet You in Hell by Les Standiford

This is a discussion of the relationship between Andrew Carnegie and his sometimes-rival, sometimes-friend Henry Clay Frick. As an admitted history dilettante, I enjoyed this. It really focuses on the Homestead debacle that the two were really to blame for. It was a strike that went bad, and it ended in bloodshed. Frick and Carnegie simply refused to deal with a union in any way, even when the union gave them all they wanted, and then they sent in the Pinkerton agents. I'd known something about Carnegie, but less so about Frick. I have only one real complaint about the book, and that is Standiford gives the two bastards much too much sympathy. They starved people and order executions so that they can make an extra 1% profit when their profit margin was extraordinarily high and I'm supposed to feel sorry for them when they screw each other? They felt a little betrayed? Tell that to the people they had killed. Still, it's an enjoyable book from that crazy period of American history.

Balance by Robbi Nester

A collection of poetry that focuses on yoga. No one in this world is less flexible or knows less about yoga than I do. Still, I enjoyed the poems. They are good clean poems about a subject the author is a master of. That's going to turn out well. You might get more out of it if you know about yoga, but I got much as an outsider.