Week 37

I’ve been chronicling my project with my wife on this blog. I’m writing a poetry collection about the creation of California. I’m trying to tell the story of water in California, what really made it what it is. Ann’s a visual artist, so she’s going to do the graphic art work for it.

This is my last blog post about this project. I have never really thought about the way I approach an artistic project, and I am a little surprised at how much work goes into it. Of course, it’s not really work. It’s mental game play, and if it weren’t, I wouldn’t do it.

Now, I’m going to start revising the collection. I’ve been doing that all along, but I have to do it in a more focused and serious way. I suppose I could chronicle that too, but discussing the minutia that goes into choosing one word over another would be kind of horrible.

These blog posts have saved me and kept me focused. I’ve had to work a lot of overtime in the last year, and I know that I will have to continue to do so until June. These have kept me sane and focused on producing new work even when I’ve been overwhelmed by life. After the poems and short stories appear in magazines, I will start to post them here.

As I go into the revision process, deeply into it, I’m going to start focusing on mindfulness in these blogs rather than the actual work of revision. Why mindfulness? I need to be in a particular mindset to be effective in revision. I need to be calm and not focused on all those little things that make people anxious.