June 1 -- Starting Your New Poetry Collection

I was talking to a number of my former students who have gone out and started their careers. They all had the same complaint. They love to write, but they were having a hard time doing it because their lives were getting in the way. Without the schedule of a deadline, it was harder and harder.

I understand that completely. It's hard to find time to write, but when you sit down, coming up with something to write often takes all of your creative energy. That's why I'm taking on this project.

I have been teaching creative writing for twenty years now, and I have plenty of prompts waiting for someone to use them. We're going to work in terms of the collection instead of individual poems and stories. Poets and writers tend to produce much better work that way.

The idea is that if you follow the prompts for a month, then you will have a chapbook collection by the end of the month.

This is going to be a lot of fun, and you're going to do the work that you've always wanted to do. Send them to the magazines that I suggest, and I bet that you're going to publish some work!

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