Ekphrastic California

Just a reminder:

We're going to launch the online journal soon. Please send me your work for Ekphrastic California!

Here are the guidelines:

Submission Guidelines

1. Poems can be previously published, but if they are, acknowledge the original publication.

2. Multiple submissions are great.

3. If there is a link to an image, please include it.

4. I will not publish images.

5. List the name of the artist and the work.

6. We publish individual poems about art in California or by Californians. Or you might be a Californian who ventured out to Madrid and wrote a poem there. Maybe you were flying in an airplane that passed over California while you thought of a Chinese sculpture and then wrote a poem two months later. That will work too. What I'm saying is that this can be a pretty tenuous connection. The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena has a killer Degas collection. That would be great!

7. Please do not ask me to change any of these guidelines or to do something that I don't do like publish chapbooks or print your image. Other publishers do that.

8. Send work to johnmbrantingham@aol.com. Please put the poem in the text of the email.